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A Collaborative Research and Media Project

About us

Memory, Movement, Montage is a collaborative forum for exploring diverse perspectives on transnational migration. As an interdisciplinary multimedia project, this initiative looks at various aspects of global (im)mobility and migrant identity, differing concepts of borders and boundaries, and many meanings of belonging in the present world.

We specifically focus on alternative mediums for narrating migration stories and histories to engage critically with material memory and memorialization. Our Collaborative challenges conventional methodologies and explores creative venues for both academic research and public outreach. We started by reaching out to academic, artistic, and migrant communities both within the university and outside to form a transnational collective. These vibrant interactions led us to conceptualize digital projects in six different locations across the globe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Goa, Minnesota, Punjab, and Zanzibar. We have initiated three film documentation projects, three photo-essay exhibitions, and two visual story-mapping projects through our collaboration with academic institutions and community organizations. As a multimedia project, this Collaborative will continue to examine the racialization of migrant communities, the concepts of borders and boundaries, and the meaning of political citizenship in a transnational world. 

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