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Representations of Colonial Soldiers, and the Figures of the Good Migrant and the Bad Migrant

By unpacking the idea of Gurkhas a martial race, Zoheb delves into the imaginative construction of certain populations as having military heritages on behalf of empire, using Indian soldiers who fought in World War I and their contemporary remembrance as an example.

Memory Movement Montage

A collection of lectures and discussions by Early researchers, professors and filmmakers on diverse migration narratives and patterns from South-Asia. This could be an interesting knowledge bank for new researchers and students interested in South-Asia and Migration. 



In between Homes and Homelands

This discussion where Diditi Mitra, Associate Professor of Sociology, Brookdale Community College and Shashwati Talukdar, documentary, fiction and experimental filmmaker is in conversation with Rituparna about what it means to be migrant women themselves who are studying and engaging with other migrant communities. They are primarily working on the migrant Sikh community residing in the USA and in this conversation talk about two ethnographic film projects, one related to the Sikh Day parade in New York and the other on three Sikh women narratives of Migration from India to the USA.

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